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Aug. 2, 2022

The Current State Of Real Estate with Royce Blackwell

The Current State Of Real Estate with Royce Blackwell

S3 Episode 4 - Royce Blackwell

Welcome to Season Three of the Dr. B show sponsored by One 11 Spa and Aesthetic, Get More Clicks Media and Transforming Your Way to Success, online course powered by Borja Consulting Group. In this episode of the Dr. B show, I interview Royce Blackwell. Amazing story. How we went from networking for the North Jersey chamber of commerce.

Here in New Jersey to running. Co-running a networking group, uh, virtually at the height of the pandemic. And now he's doing amazing things in real estate, and that's what we discuss. And I'm doing amazing things, helping the small business community here in New Jersey. And of course, helping nationally with responding.

So hope you enjoyed this episode with my dear friend, Roy. You to listen.

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I am here with the amazing Royce Blackwell Royce. How are you today? I'm doing great. Dr. B, thank you for having me on the show. They end with a special, special shout-out. I know this may air later, but a happy birthday. Thank you so much. Thank you. Yes, this is recorded on my birthday, February the 22nd, 2022. So thank you so much.

I appreciate it. So let's jump right into it. So, um, briefly tell everyone about yourself and what. Yeah. So, yes, so everybody, my name is Royce Blackwell. I'm a New Jersey native, um, born in Morristown, New Jersey. Um, I went to Dover high and, uh, I played a lot of sports. I'm a sports fanatic. I like, uh, football, basketball, baseball, and, um, I always grew up in sports team activities.

Um, and it just helped me along the way. So, um, I went to Dover high. Then I ended up going to county college tomorrow. I played basketball there as well for two years. And then I also, uh, transferred to Rutgers Newark and I finished my college career playing basketball there as well. So I got a, um, two-year degree, liberal arts at CCM, and then I got a bachelor's of science.

At Rutgers Newark university. So that's a little bit about myself. Um, I'm a 49ers fan. I'm just kidding. And we lost them. We lost in the playoffs, but, um, but the reason I brought that up is because you have to learn from your, your lessons, you know, your failures, you have to learn from your failures. And as you know, as a business owner, there's, there's going to be bumps in the road, but those help you get to the next destination.

Um, Agreed. That's a little bit about myself. Agreed. Sometimes not about the destination, but the journey itself. Right. So I agree a hundred percent and I can tell you, trust me, I have my lows, I'm in the high now. And to keep it that way, I had my lows as well. So thank you for that. So your experience at county college of Morris, or even Rutgers, um, How the concepts or philosophies or even just sports.

Right. Um, how did, how did those concepts translate into your, what your team now? Yeah, so with, with business, I learned a lot, um, At county more. So I did take some business classes at the county, but just about like a prior pro like planning, business planning, and things of that nature. So, um, you could, it's always good to have a plan, right?

Even though the plan could change. I learned a lot about the foundations of business at county college and Mars. Um, but I really didn't start utilizing that until I got further into my actual career where I'm at now and even started. My other business, um, social get more clicks media. So, I mean, for, for the most part, I think, you know, having the plan, cause I think when you start a business if you have a plan it's going to change, but the concept around having the plan is even when your daily basis is variable.

So, um, a lot, I learned a lot about that at county. And, um, now we're starting to implement that, especially as a real estate agent, you have a lot of time on your hands. If you're a full-time realtor, you have to sculpt your schedule as much as you can. What I do on Sundays is I try to plan the week, but yeah.

Gaps in the week to do certain things, because like I said, I could, I could plan to be going through my emails at nine to 10 Mexican, you know, you get a call on you're, you're doing something different, but you know, just, um, being ready for changes. So agreed, agreed. A hundred percent, right? Yeah. So a hundred, 125%.

I do the same thing every Sunday. I'll plan my calendar for the week. I build a little cushion. Cause if I get a phone call from a client or something like that, I gotta, I gotta address it. Right. But I, but you do. It's important, especially for me, uh, Mondays and Fridays to run into for my administrative duties.

Uh, And, uh, and you know what, just to piggyback off of what you're saying, cause I know it's an interview when this exactly, that's more of a conversation. Sure. B would help me, uh, REIT most recently as being more organized because, because when you're unorganized, even with your schedule and just in general, when you're starting to get clients getting a CRM, you know, so you can organize your business.

And let the CRM do its job, you know, because what we live in a tech world now, right? Yeah. So we had the that, you know, previously, you know, 10, 15 years ago, things were done totally different. So the organization is really key to the business as well. A hundred percent. I actually came to a point where I, um, I've used HubSpot as a CRM and I actually just brought on a V.

And tell me with a lot of my follow-up and social media, it's going to help me out with all of the administrative stuff. Right. So I could focus on what I love to do, which is training development and sales, right? Which, which is a segue into my next question, which is obviously you, you did some stuff as a client advisor for BMW Morris town.

Manager B D for Pelagius title agency, and now business development. Isabel man. Now as a realtor, right? So what ideologies or concepts that you learned, from those endeavors, the end that you use now? Right? Because as you know, I do sales training and I'm all about networking lead gen prospects that we met at a networking event.

Right. Shout out to the north Jersey chamber of commerce. So how, so those ideologies, how do you apply to apply that to your business? Well, I think the main thing that, how I applied to work at BMW and because you're dealing, we're dealing with people, right? So, um, I think instead of trying to sell, which a lot of people do, and that's probably why they get into business because they can make a lot of money in sales.

Customer service number one, and actually listening to the client because a lot of people will, they'll get into a conversation with a client and they're over speaking the client, you know, like I think listening is the main thing in customer service because once you start to listen to their needs, you can understand where they're coming from and you can actually service the client customers.

And service the client the correct way someone's buying a home and you're doing a need analysis and they tell you that you need, they need four bedrooms. Why would you even show them a two-bedroom house or a three-bedroom house? You know what I mean? So it's really about listening to the customer, understanding them because at the end of the day, you, at that point, their goal becomes your goal to get them to the destination of buying the dream home that they want.

So I just really think. Listening should be the best your, you know, your best tool. So I did learn, we did a lot of training at BMW about customer service, um, business development. When you're trying to help a business, you have to understand their goals and where they're trying to go for the year, the quarter or whatever it may be.

So I'm listening is a, is a great skill to develop. So we, you know, we were reading a lot of books doing a lot of training around that. So. Yeah, definitely. I would say listening more to the client and things of that nature, and definitely, a good skill in self agreed. Right. And whether it's selling cars, selling life insurance, selling, whatever you had told about Denita analysis and that discovery call.

Right. And then really listening to what they want right. To what they need. Right. And then from there, come up with a customized solution and then hopefully. They'll buy from you at the end of the day. Right? A lot of folks, push, push, push product, push product without actually listening to the consumer.

Right. Right. So we just transition to my next point. So you also, or the co-founder of get more clicks media. I promise I won't spend a lot of time on it, but I do want, I do want to highlight this a little bit. He told me about this endeavor a little. Yeah. So get more clicks media, my business partner and I, William Barr, shout out to William Childs.

He'll be watching this one day. So I'm the co-founder get more clicks. Media started. And like, I was just to go by businesses all about relationships. I met William at BMW of Morristown. Right. So William used to, he had, he owned a couple of businesses and William now lives in the. So before he left for the UK, we were, you know, we were just sitting in, like, we should start a business.

You know, we want to leave a legacy for our kids. We always talked about that when we were at work. And I'm sure you want to leave a legacy for yourself, and your daughter as well. So before he left, he was like, there's gotta be something that we can do before we leave to, to, you know, start a business, you know, just because I'm going overseas doesn't mean anything.

I'm like, sure. Let's why don't we just start coming up with some ideas? Find it, find them a business idea that we both think may work, and let's talk about it and let's write a plan, you know, a business plan like I told you earlier. So William and I sat down and we were, uh, we were at red Robins and we were, we were just talking.

He said, Hey Royce, I did some, some research. I think this is a great idea. Well, I always wanted to start a social media, you know, website or something around social media to help college students, whatever the case may be. And, um, he brought up social media marketing. We did our due diligence, and then we started, we know we wrote the business plan and we started a business and we had a lot of.

Paul, you know, before the pandemic, you know, um, and obviously, the pandemic changed things. Um, but yeah, we're, we're still operating get more clicks media. We have clients and we're growing. We're learning because the industry has changed since 2019. So it's all about learning the business. You know, I love it because any, anytime I'm able to assist a client or somebody and get to their destination, it's a good feeling.

No, absolutely the same here. And then knowing, working with you, you know, uh, briefly and, you know, still outstanding. We got to talk off there, but I know you got to do a great, amazing job, and I know that. We're going to keep kicking butt. So thank you for that. So you guys are, I appreciate it. I appreciate that.

Got a satisfied customer, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. So all roads lead to option one Realty, right? So you're a real estate consultant. Right. So, uh, tell us about that. How did that go about, um, how did that how'd you start that? Yeah, so let's, let's, let's bring it all the way back. So my grand, my grandparents always owned the properties, but when we were kids, so my, my great grandfather in.

And he always told me when you're young, you got to own some real estate to leave a legacy. So, um, we own multiple properties. Um, and that's how I started seeing the vision from when I was a kid that I wanted to become a real estate investor. So back in 2006, when I graduated. Rutgers. I was on the mortgage side.

So I did mortgages for a while from maybe 2006 to 2011, roughly. So I was in the real estate industry. Then, then I got out for a little bit, and then I knew that you know, my purpose was to be a real estate investor and help people leave a legacy through real estate. So my, uh, you know, our team is called the legacy.

So right now, so legacy group at option one and, um, shout out to our team, the legacy group they're doing very, very well, but yeah, that's how I got into the business. I wanted to become a real estate investor and help people leave a legacy through real estate because there are multiple ways to do it. You can start your own business.

Like I was telling you, get more clicks media, building a business up, leave and get to your kids. And then, um, you know, real estate and a lot of people do it through investing.

You know, you can have multiple investment properties, whatever your strategy is. Everybody's real estate strategies are a little bit different, but that led me to option one. Um, I got my real estate license back about three years ago, so, so, um, yeah, so right now I'm a full-time real estate. Thank God, the market is the seller's market, but yeah, it's just, that I love helping people, um, achieve their Jean, their dreams, and buying their dream homes.

So that's what we're doing now. I w we also deal with a lot of investors, and help them find investment properties. And now our clients that we found homes for, they're starting to see the value of leaving a legacy. Through real estate. So that's what we're doing, where we're doing our best to help everybody achieve, achieve the American dream that we're assisting.

And if they want to get multiple homes and investment properties, we're helping them achieve that. Um, amazing, amazing brother. Um, now just to refresh, refresh my memory. So are you focused on a residential commercial fix and flip investors all the above? Or can you tell me about, do you have a specific niche that you focus on?

Yeah, we, so we, our team, the legacy group. Anyone from whatever they're looking for me personally, I deal more so with, uh, the selling side. So sellers sure. I deal with a lot of investors and yes, I helped them with fixes and flips. Now our investors that like a commercial, we help them with that aspect as to that aspect too.

But we also. Um, our team, we have a great team that helps we're first-time home buyers. So we, we do it all. So, but yeah, my, my me personally, I like to work with sellers, um, and investors awesome. Which segues into my next point. If you noticed everything interconnects, I, I liked that. I liked very organized, like always thank you, man.

Appreciate it.

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So according to nj.com and a, and I, I sent this to you as well, right? Double-digit prices are a double-digit price growth, low inventory, and cheap interest rates for now, right?

Residential real estate has been a frenzy boom, since the pandemic began. Right. And, for different reasons. Right. So do you think of the residential real estate market, Pete? What are your thoughts on that? Yes. And no. Um, did it peak, I mean, it's a seller's market. Um, obviously it's going to change. No one can really predict what's going to happen next.

I mean, I wish we could. That would be amazing if we can predict it, but what I, what I can tell you, it's a good time to buy if you're ready to buy, right? It's a, it is a seller's market people aren't paying. You know, a little bit over asking, but they're there. If the, if the interest rate is lower than their buying power.

And we have to all remember the market's going to go up and down, up and down it's there's trends and trends throughout years, you know, you start to see the same thing happen over and over. So, um, I do see it eventually turning it back into a buyer's market. You know, it will happen at some point, but right now it's a seller's market and everybody has to adapt to that.

So we just do our best to service our clients. Um, I don't know if that answered your question a little bit, uh, which is going to segue into my next question, which will kind of tie this whole thing together. Right? So there's an up in the same article@j.com has a home sales were down, uh, for each of the last five months of 2021.

According to data. Oh, Teo group O T T E a U. It started in June with a 12% decline in contract sales and continue with a 22% decline in July 16% in August 20th, September 16, and October seven in November. Right. But we haven't seen the peak in prices yet. According to Jeffrey on telling you, he says, it's coming.

He says it may come by summer 22. Do you agree with that? Do you think new things will be a little bit sooner than that? A little bit later than that? What do you kind of, I kind of do agree with? I do kind of agree with that. Um, You know, I do have some clients, you know, that just recently talking about the last two weeks where we put in offers on homes significantly, I'm talking about 50,000 and above over asking, and it's not getting accepted, which means that it's still peaking.

So bigger sellers are getting, getting, it's a great time to sell your home. If you're looking to sell your home and maybe you have a another property that you would like to move into per se. So I do what I do agree with him that. Um, I could see that happening in the summer. Yes. Cause a lot, I would think right now there's not that much on the market, but with the spring market coming, there's probably going to be more people putting their homes on the market and it's a supply and demand.

So if it's a seller's market and there's going to be more homes coming. Yeah. I could see people paying offers. Aren't getting accepted at 50, maybe 75, you know, I'm just, you know, for example, yeah. I could see that happening. Definitely. I agree with, I also agree with you, um, you know, no secret, uh, a lot of friends in me personally, right there, Erin for Barron's and some are gonna get out of from Barron's and then some are not right.

We're going to move into that foreclosure so that you get to see that inventory. Uh, rise. Right. And, and prices should kind of correct themselves. Right. We just don't know how long that will take. Exactly. We don't know exactly. Exactly. So, um, uh, why is it challenging you to think to achieve the American dream?

Do you think it's like credit? Do you think it's like lack of information, lack of capital all the above? Like what, uh, what do you think? What makes it challenging for someone to kind of like going from? The pre-approval, uh, to the closing table. Right? I mean, I can tell you from experience that my ideal for a property in 2016 fell through because of my, uh, credit, uh, at the end of the day, because of debt to income.

Right. Uh, personally, I have, I have a different situation. Right. But why do you think, uh, why do you think it's so challenging to kind of get to that finish line? You think it is a, it is a case by case. Um, but I think more so the lack of information and, um, Just the market is saturated and it being a seller's market, the down payment and not, and not knowing that I'm not.

You know, not planning far enough in advance to start saving money. You know, if you want to buy a house and now, and it's very competitive, you want to put down if you can put down more of a significant down payment, you look like a better candidate, you know? Um, you know, that's where I, that's what I think personally, but, you know, I, as I said, it's a case by case.

Yeah, you're right. We'd like to help everybody. So we were going to be having some, um, First-time home buyer seminars coming up. I'll check my phone and give you the dates just in case anybody wants to attend, but that's where we come in and we educate you. So it doesn't matter to us. We want to help you get the best deal at the right time for you.

We're not pushing whenever it's the right time is the right time. Um, we do have a, uh, credit. Um, uh, specialists on our team so that we can come through any roadblock that presents, it, presents it to us, you know, so we can help you get through that hurdle. So a little bit of everything and everything that you mentioned, there's always going to be challenging, but you know, that's what gets you to the end of the line is you've got to get through those hurdles.

Yeah. And just to piggyback off at you, you mentioned people being in forbearance before. If they're going to go into that foreclosure. Stage or are there things that they need assistance with that we also have a team that assists with that. So, um, you know, it's not an easy topic, easy situation, but instead of going into foreclosure, we can assist with the whole short sell process.

So won't mess your credit up as bad, and then we can help you get back on track and buy another home. I mean, it's happened before. 2008. A lot of people went through that, that period where there were a lot of short sales, and thank God from experience and working in the market, then we know how to handle it now.

That's amazing. Amazing. Thank you so much. So I think you've already mentioned, that you answered my next last question. So how can your legacy group assist, uh, folks? Um, uh, whether it's my, uh, my listeners or just in general here in the state. Yeah, basically, they can reach out to us anytime. I mean, we're available for questions, you know, we're we, we don't, we have, we'll always have our free buyer's consultation.

So if you're a first-time home buyer and you want to reach out to us and set up a buyer's consultation, we can assist you with that. Um, if you're a seller and you're looking to sell your home, we'll do a complimentary market analysis. If you're an investor and you're looking to invest, we have an investor survey that you can fill out so we can help, uh, investors find properties.

Um, so yeah, I mean, basically just by reaching out to us, that's where it starts. Nice. Okay. How can folks contact you? Um, they can, they can reach out to me on Instagram at Royce. Blackwell straight voice Blackwell, and then they can follow the legacy group from that page. Nice. Everything's on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook, rose, Blackwell, the same thing.

Um, and yeah, they can just message me there. I'm a phone call away. And I just want to shout out to my, to our team because the team is. I always like to say this to everybody together, everybody accomplishes more. And, um, you know, you, everybody thinks you can do things by yourself, which we build, we get things done by ourselves.

But when you're working with the right team, I'm telling you, it makes things a lot easier. I'm sure. You know, I heard you mentioned that you have an assistant now we know. Yeah. Things have changed and I'm, and I'm sure that makes your life easier because there are things that you love about the business and there are things that you.

That you used to do that. It's like, it takes away from doing what you need, what you really need to do. We like to call it let's be its money-making activity or whatever you'd like to do. And revenue-generating activities. Money-making activity is the same thing. Right? Exactly. Exactly. That's what we'd like to do.

That's what I like to do. I like to connect with people. So like the admin side of the business, Of course, it has to be done and you have to be organized. But my, you know, our strengths are connecting with the people, talking to the people and the less time, you know, the less time I have doing one thing, you know, now getting assistance, working with teams, you know, we work with a lot of people, a lot of mortgage professional title companies.

Um, people that assist us with the credit. So, you know, I just want to say shout out to the team that helps and assists us with the process of getting things done in this business. Cause I'm sure, I don't know if your deal was perfectly smooth, your real estate transaction. Uh, in 2014 when I got this, her own, uh, yeah, shall do Thompson Russo.

She did a good job. It was good. Shit. I mean, the general, were there any road bumps that you hit, like towards the end that you were in the middle? Because I had student loans and the mortgage professional really helped me out getting over that I didn't have. Much that back then is now. So now it's a little bit different now, so, right.

So you were dealing with multiple people, but they, that team of people that she attorney and inspect their Jocelyn the exact deal degree job. So shout out the jobs from, I do know her, I met her through you at a networking event. She's actually expecting their first child. So shout out. So congratulations.

And you know what, till today is very special. It's my sister's birthday. Oh, I haven't read through the sister. That's right. I shared the same birthday. What is it today? Two twenty-two, 2020 2, 2 2, 2 22, 22. So yeah. So, um, yeah, and I appreciate you having me on now. Yeah. If anybody wants to reach out to us, we're always available.

Uh, picking up the phone is the most important thing you could do. Text messages find, but we definitely love to talk to you and set up a zoom call, whatever, whatever works for the customer works for us. Thank you. And Royce's full disclosure was my a is still is present. Partner in crime, in the virtual networking group, which wants to talk to you off the air and would love to do something in person.

Definitely. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. Let's definitely get together when the weather breaks. Absolutely. Roy, thank you so much for others. Thank you for coming to my show today. I really appreciate it. You have no idea, and I appreciate you having me, on your special dates. Thanks for making those black Horry buddy.

Thank you so much.

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I hope you enjoyed that amazing conversation about real estate with Royce Blackwell. He's an amazing guy. One of my, uh, Best friends in the business. So with that being said, hopefully, you enjoyed that episode and hopefully, you're at least enlightened, but one step closer to an understanding of real estate.

And if you still need help with networking, Hey, remember, I can help transform your way to success. Just visit www.borjaconsultinggroup.com. I'm out.