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Sept. 6, 2022

Determination Will Get You To Your Destination with Celeste Leon

Determination Will Get You To Your Destination with Celeste Leon

S3 Episode 9 - Celeste Leon

Welcome to Season Three of The Dr. B Show sponsored by One 11 Spa and Aesthetics. Get More Clicks Media and Transforming Your Way of Success. Online course powered by Borja Consulting Group. Hey, in this interview with Dr. Borja interview, the young up-and-coming Celeste Leon, who is a sales lead for KPMG and a co-founder of  I AIM community.

He's an amazing young woman and I hope you enjoy the episode. 

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to another edition of The Dr. B Show. I'm your host, Dr. B.

I'm here with the great Celeste Leon. Celeste, how are you? I am amazing. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here today. Thank you so much honor to have you on my show. Let's jump right into it. So can you tell everyone about yourself? Yeah, of course, of course. So my name is Celeste Leon and I was born in Peru.

I moved here, to the United States with my mom when I was 13 years old. I didn't speak English, but I came here too. State, of New Jersey for the first time where the eighth grade was my first, um, grade ever. However, I was a very determined young woman. Uh, um, ever since I came here, I traveled a lot throughout my life.

My, you know, when I was younger, we also moved to Canada and moved a lot throughout Peru. So I had some experience regarding what it was. Moving around being a new environment, um, not speaking the language right. Which, which is challenging us as if anyone who has listened is listening to this and, and has experienced that.

Um, you know, it's not cha you know, it is challenging, however, For me, I, I came here and I was like, number one, goal, speak English. Number two. I came here with my mom. I no longer, um, had my dad there as a figure. So I realized very quickly that I can't rely on, a man or, or anyone else. I mean, of course, I had my mom, but, we were both learning together.

Right. Um, So that automatically put me in a mindset of like take advantage of your opportunities, figure it out. Be bold, and courageous, and take action. Amazing. Amazing, amazing opportunity. And I, I, I know that Aldo was born here. I know, my parents, uh, immigrated from Columbia, so I know I, I could relate to an extent.

Right. So good. All right. That's amazing. So I want to jump into, you know, uh, talk about 'em real brief and I'll get into you, right? So you currently, you know, uh, America sales enablement lead at KPMG. How did that all come about? Because, uh, I was a career C. Many months ago, and everyone wants to get into it.

So how did that come about? Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for asking. So, first of all, when I was in college and I walked into, um, you know, freshman year trying to figure this whole college thing out, I had no role models to look after, like I was sharing I, again, I walked in and I was like, what do I need to do to make sure that by the end of college, I have an amazing job.

I get to choose where I wanna work at. And I'm one of the top students. I had no idea how I was gonna do that, but I just knew I wanted to. Right. And I knew that if I began asking the right questions in my mind, early on, I'm going to achieve it. Right. So then I began asking questions. I went to my counselors as a freshman and was like, what is this whole resume thing?

What do I have to do? What do I have to be a top Stu top student and have like, I don't wanna have one offer? I wanna have multiple offers by the time I graduate. She kind of gave me some tips, and I spent the next four years. Getting ass and BS in my classes, getting involved in college, um, studying abroad, just doing everything I could, I did many internships as well.

So by the time I was a senior and I began to interview with multiple companies, I graduated not only with the KPMG offer, but many others because of my strength. I was, um, got an outstanding student award and, and things like that. So that's first of all right. So something that I, now, when I speak to universities and students, um, I tell them that my biggest advice during college is built your resume, right?

Do internships, but also importance of building your interpersonal skills and your confidence is incredibly important because when you're gonna go and interview. You're selling yourself when they're asking you, why should I hire you? And what are your strengths? You better know that answer because you need to know who you are.

And, and, and maybe it's not even with, um, a hiring, uh, manager, right? Maybe it's a date. Maybe you're on a date and the person wants to know about you or maybe, um, whoever it is, right? You need to be able to answer those questions with confidence and with certainty and vision. So I think that's very important that that.

That has helped me, um, get this, you know, get my career started at KPMG where I began an, as an auditor. I was auditing, um, headphones and private equity firms in New York City. And now I'm actually in a rotation role, um, as a, as the, as a sales lead, right? Which I'm enabling pretty much sales across the Americas region.

And I'm very fortunate to work. People from Canada, from Latin America, including Mexico and Brazil, and Purdue and Colombia. So it's very rewarding now to be more connected to our Latino, the Hispanic community, be able to speak Spanish at work, and build different skills now in this role versus audit and, and that accounting focus that I originally started.

That's amazing. And I, I, uh, did, I used to give the same advice, right? Building the resume. And I also, you know, build leadership qualities, volunteer, join, you know, not, it could be Greek life, but it could also be organizations like a Poston, like an alpha where you're building leadership qualities, building your network.

And eventually, once you get to senior, you know, uh, senior year. You'll have multiple offers. Right. So I was a big component of that. So kudos, congratulations to your counselor. So I did a great job with you. So shout out to Monmouth university. There you go. Mama shot of the Monmouth. I wanna transition a little bit to discuss, um, I, I AIM or I AIM community, the community of women.

Eight-week sessions about education, mindset, and discussions stood. Is it a course? Is it live zooms? Um, can you kind of expand on that? Yeah, of course, I'm so excited to talk about it. So IM community is a virtual self-development community and the way it works is through the program we call, we actually call seasons.

It's an eight-week season where you join. And then we close the membership in order to create a sisterhood environment. So while many other, uh, thing businesses may be about how can we get as many people as I can. Then, since the community is our number one value, for us, it's really important that we create an environment where people can be vulnerable, where people can be themselves and by people.

I mean our young women, um, And we focus on the development of their confidence and their interpersonal skills. We meet once a week, we have every single call planned out. It's a virtual call through zoom, where we talk about topics such as emotional intelligence, health, nutrition, the power of vulnerability, um, relationship building, and management leadership.

um, and many and many more topics in that realm. And we also have amazing speakers and role models that come, um, train us on more specialized topics. And it's truly just amazing because, you know, we set the tone we create, I create that culture right in the community. That's something that. I don't think it exists out there, the way that we have built it.

And we really encourage growth, personal development, and authenticity from all of our members. And, and we encourage women to also share things such as their fears, their insecurities, sexual assault, different traumas. We talk about it all. And you know, I think that community support is transformative.

Absolutely as they say, like, you know, you know, obviously I'm not a young woman, but, uh, when I got my doctorate, they said it takes a village, right. To make a doctor. And yeah, there were a lot of folks that helped me along the way, not just the professors, but just like the community, my family, then, my friends, they all helped me when, when they came to that.

So I, I could kind of. And on from that capacity. Right. So, I, I agree. Yeah. A hundred percent, a hundred percent. Do you wanna promote your product or services to your target audience, but don't know how. Do you struggle with social media, marketing, and management? Do you have challenges of lead generation for your business online?

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And like, I think so one of the reasons too, when I, why I'm so passionate about this is because we know, you know, you are on social media, right? I think the word, like woman empowerment, supports your sisters yeah. Is easily said, but it's, it's not something that you can say. It’s something that needs to be experienced.

It needs, it's something that you need to see from your role models. You need to experience, because, for instance, me, like many other women have experienced maybe at work where you had, uh, you're working with other women that see you as a threat that don't wanna provide you that coaching or guidance.

Right. Um, and perhaps it is because they've had other women who treated them that way. right. So it begins. It's a mindset and it begins, I think, as young as possible, um, to make sure that you are being surrounded by the right environment in order to flourish, right? And grow and be, then be able to be that role model in the future for the younger generation.

That think a great point. You spoke about mindset. I wanna shift, uh, well, expand on that. Right. So, you know, I would say a lot of my listeners are right. Are, or the more, or the majority of them are entrepreneurs, so I could see, but I want to ask you to confirm if I am right. does, uh, your program. Help transform, uh, Latina or female entrepreneurs.

Is that a fair assessment? How like your program can help all, all those items, you, you discussed the fear, um, everything, everything you just discussed, it's all, whether it's male or female, uh, anxiety, right? Fear, of entrepreneurship and not getting that steady check every two weeks. Right. So does that help also the female entrepreneur program as well?

Yeah, absolutely. I. Our members, have all types of backgrounds, right? We have our youngest members that are still in college. And then we have members that are either full on developing developed in their careers in corporate. And also we have many entrepreneurs as well. My co-founder is a full-time entrepreneur as well.

So. Well, I'm not specifically focused on only entrepreneurs or only, you know, um, there are many, many women entrepreneurs who join us and it helps them so much in their business as well, because not only are they becoming stronger versus on the, of themselves, by the time they finish the program. But. All the girls are sharing their experiences, and their tips, and we're learning from each other.

Right. If they see me doing something that like I'm crushing it at we're sharing resources, um, and our speakers also talk to us about all these things, right? So entrepreneurship is very large. I mean, we could talk about it from like so many angles and perspectives. I agree. Right. I agree. Um, so. I agree.

Um, just wanna expand on that. So whether it's, so why do you think whether it's entrepreneurship or whether it's in your, in your hybrid role and what you do, why is a positive mindset so important? You think that's an amazing question. And, um, having a positive mindset is so important because the truth is that.

Life is not necessarily fair. And life is not necessarily filled with roses. Struggles are coming all the time. There's always gonna be things that go wrong and there are things that are gonna go amazing there are days where you're not gonna feel well. And there are days when you're gonna wake up and be filled with energy.

And a positive mindset is important because you need to. Always think of how can I have an empowered mindset, no matter what. What happens to me? How can I make sure I never give up? How can I make sure I have my own back? How can I make sure I know how to repair it and love myself as much as I can? How can I make sure that?

No matter the terrible things that happen to me, it, for instance, I've experienced things like sexual assault. I've experienced things like, um, relocation, losing family members are moving across countries, which in a way can also be traumatic and different things. Right. Am I gonna let that, am I gonna let that stop me from being who I am meant to be?

Am I gonna let that, um, bring me down every day? And just, I can lose myself, right? Because if I focus on all the bad that I've been through, I can be depressed and just wanna stay in bed all day. Right. But that's not who I want to be. That's not the impact that I wanna have on others. I want to heal so I can make sure that others see that as well.

And that's why I think a positive mindset is crucial and it's something that needs to be continuously worked on just because you work on it for a month. And you're positive. Doesn't mean that in three months, like you're good actually. That needs to be a continuous goal. I think that we set it every year on January 1st, I agree.

A hundred percent. It's like, um, I was coaching someone the other day on like, Hey, they wanna fix their credit. It's like, it is the same thing. you just, you just it's about consistency. Right. And, and doing the little things in order to kind of fix their credit kind of. I dunno, although they don't relate, they kind of relationship right about consistency.

Right. a. It. Um, what, why did you start the program? That program? I started the program because as someone who was born in South America, I was thought very early on by my parents and by my family, about the power of community. And over there, you know, there are always things that go wrong. Like we were talking about right there.

There are laws, there are, um, money issues. There's this there's that, but that would get you through it. A lot of that is making sure that you feel like you're not alone. There are others struggling too. There's um, The, the empowerment and the motivation that you can receive from others are just, you can compare that to just living life on your own.

And when I moved here to us, I realized that we here live in an individualistic society. Um, Which there's no, I'm not saying that one is better than the other. I think balance is always best, right? Because you, you should, there are amazing things that this country has. Right. And there are amazing things that other country has.

So as someone who was born in that have experienced that first hand, um, I knew that I had certain strengths and perspectives that I could bring to the table in this type of environment. And. Women need that. We need that. Like, we need that we are so much better by being in the community. And when I did it, my first season, it was first more of an exploration session and the feedback and the transformation and the experiences that the girls shared after were so amazing that it began to build momentum, build momentum, and it was it's something.

Like is it's a need in the market it's there, right? Because we, we need that. So that's how it began. It also began, you know, by, um, I've had so many experiences where I needed that guidance, that coaching, as I moved here, I, I know the value that comes from it. Um, maybe some people don't need it as much, cuz they've been very blessed in their lives and, and, and such.

But I know that there are many specifically Latina women. I think have been through a similar story background, like myself, that it can change their lives. And that's the type of, um, you know, people that we wanna target so they could get the most, um, the most value and advantage of the program. Amazing.

Where can people find out more about it? So we have a website, I am community.com and we are also on Instagram. I AIM community. Love it. Where could people contact you? Um, if they wanna just contact you if they can. So if anybody wants to contact me, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at Celeste, Leon Celeste, Leon, or on Instagram, Celeste Leon.co.

And you can email me as well as Celeste, Celeste, Leon doco, and you know,, all over social media. You can find my articles online as well. And. Yeah, amazing to go to. This is great. Thank you so much. The less for being on my show. It's an interesting conversation and I'm glad to, I'm glad I'm so happy for you, successes.

PA, keep it going. I really appreciate you being here. Uh, thank you so much, doc, Dr. GOK or whatever works for you, it's it has been amazing to know you continue. You are making such a huge impact in the community. It's amazing to connect with, you know, like-minded individuals and let's continue to be those role models, um, in our communities and level.

That's right. Level up soles. So let's lay on everybody. Thank you so much. 

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Hey guys. And hopefully, you enjoy that episode with Celeste Leon who’s a sales lead for KPMG and co-founder of I AIM community amazing conversation with that amazing young woman doing some great things. Hey, with that being said, if he's still struggling, come on nine episodes in. If he's still struggling.

Hey. Take the leap by the course Transforming Your Way of Success. Borjaconsultinggroup.com. That's borjaconsultinggroup.com.

Dr. B top guy out.