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Aug. 23, 2022

Before You Make A Leap Of Faith with Paulina Lopez

Before You Make A Leap Of Faith with Paulina Lopez

S3 Episode 7 - Paulina Lopez

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Hi, everyone.

Welcome to the Dr. B show. Season Three. I am your host, Dr. B. Well, I want to thank Mercy College for the hospitality and the venue. I am your host, Dr. Jairo Bora. I'm here with pretty Lopez, Paulina. How are you? Great. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to have this power conversation. Thank you so much.

Thank you for being here today. Amazing day in January 2022. Right. So let's dive right into it. So tell, tell the world about yourself. So as you know, my name is Paulina Lopez. I am a business consultant and strategist, and I'm the CEO and founder of the Business of We, we for women entrepreneurs we are an offline and online community platform serving and supporting women, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in growing, scaling, and maximizing their time, energy and efforts through business buildings.

Thank you. Now tell me before we get to the, we will get to that soon. How did that come about? Do you need to just wake up and say, Hey, I'm entrepreneurial. How did that come about? Tell us about, a little bit about, about your background and tell us how you, what made you decide that one time? You know what?

I'm going to jump into entrepreneurship. Everyone has an entrepreneur. That gradually, uh, you know, expands and evolves into it. And for me, it started in corporate. So my professional background is in finance and human resources. Both gained incredible experiences. Obviously, human resources, allow me to identify potential and identified.

Within organizations. So that was a very powerful experience within itself. And with finance, it allowed me to streamline operations and understand the value of knowing your numbers in business. So it's been a great journey so far. Wow. Well, um, and I know. You're one of the board or you were involved when it comes to the woman who, who constructs, um, interesting stat.

I wanted to throw it at you, right? Women in construction are only one to five, 1.5% of the workforce in 2018. And the pay gap is 99% to one. Um, you know, men make money 9% more than females. So what do you think should change there in terms of that specific industry or with business? Um, that specific industry.

Well, that's an interesting journey within itself when I was involved with women construct because, uh, I came across two powerful ladies that were looking to do things differently in that industry. And I came, I became involved in it and I, through. Uh, not just entrepreneurship, but also through corporate, I was involved with a lot of that industry and understand how, how it was a very male-dominated and it's now women were rising and showing up to make a difference and an impact within construction.

Got it. Got it. All right. So we're going to segue, um, you're all, you know, you had mentioned your business coach consultant or strategist, right? So who's your ideal client? And how did that come about as well, eight years in this business, uh, in the beginning, I was very much focused on really just identifying who's ready to make that, that leap into entrepreneurship.

Mostly those that are in corporate. And now I'm focusing on that one woman that. Ready to make that impact scale their business, and grow it because it's not for everyone. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It's not for the faint of heart, requires skills. I own to share how important it is to do the work and understand how you have to build your confidence.

You have to build your leadership and you have to build your new. Right. I agree. I know all about that, right? Master networker. So if you were to give a person advice, um, you know, who's on the break, right? Who's you know, we, and I'll talk about the great resignation in a few minutes, but who's on the break, right?

Who has a full-time job and wants to start? Um, might want to make that jump. What do you advise? Um, the side hustle just jumped all in on the deep end of the pool. How are you? What's your advice today? You're going to industry more than ever. Companies are looking for leadership within the company, right?

They expect it to be the CEO and the entrepreneur within the company. And I think that's the reason why a lot of people tapping into entrepreneurship has changed considerably. And the first thing you have to identify is if this is for you, are willing to lead yourself, and know how to manage.

Because as I shared before, you have to build upon your business and it requires you to understand the work that you bring to the table, the passion you have, and the right purpose you have. And then once you have created that business model, and it's a scalable business, of course you outsource and you start building your team.

And that requires you to have, and others have compassion around how to identify leaders within. Circles and see, who's ready to tap into your mission envision? Exactly, exactly. Great point, great point. We're going to segue into, um, the great resignation right here, all this on, on the media. Right? So wanting to be a cool stat, uh, 4.5 million people walked off their jobs in November, according to the bureau of labor statistics.

Right. So why do you think people are making this switch? All of a sudden, as I shared before, everything has changed in the world today and they don't understand. You can run a business in their home because if you're working from home day to day in this virtual realm, they realized that requires balance.

That requires being able to structure your own time, being able to understand what you bring to the table, and more importantly doing so in a space where, how can I show up for this company while I'm still having to balance at home? So I feel that a lot of people realize. You know what I think it's time for me to now, uh, dive into a different space where I can do this from home.

Have the quality of time, uh, quality of, uh, the work and the time that I spend with my family and crystal do that from the comfort of mine. So I think that could have been a part of it in the commute. I understand you don't have to commute to work anymore. They realize that that's where they can put a lot of their time and energy and effort into it.

And, um, it's changed the game. I agree. A couple of months ago, I, you know, most of my meetings are virtual. Right. But the ones that in person, I drove an hour to one hour to come back, that's like two hours of the day that I could have just been on zoom right? Or doing something else.

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Media helps with SMS MMS and email marketing. Also, social media marketing and management video marketing lead to generating brand recognition, SEO e-commerce, and website development. For more information, please visit https://getmoreclicksmedia.com/ Um, what are, uh, expand a little bit, right?

So. What additional advice would you give someone advice? Let's say they're going to make that leap, whether it's starting on the side, whether it's jumping full time, you know, there is that mindset that you're not going to get that check that consistent check every two weeks. Right? So that's one mindset.

Then people fail also because of their process, right? They don't have an exact process from start to finish. Right. When it comes to the, um, prospecting, the introduction, the. The discovery calls the close. Right. And that is also a network. Right. So what advice would you give, uh, you know, additional advice would you give to an entrepreneur, um, to start their businesses?

It, as you said, is it building the list? Is it the mindset? Is it all the above? What are your thoughts? It's all of the above, but I would say start with, uh, when the resource is right. Don't leap right away. It might not happen overnight. And if you don't have the mindset, haven't done your homework.

You're going to feel overwhelmed immediately. You're gonna feel the self-doubt and the lack of confidence kick in immediately. And for all entrepreneurs that are taking the lead, they want to see the money in the bank, email. So the first thing I would say is doing resource as you're doing the resource and you're exploring what it is about that specific interest industry that you're launching.

You're going to learn a lot about yourself and other people. It's going to allow you to identify who is your ideal audience and niche. And within that, you have to know how to build relationships, have to have genuine compassion for other people, because that's where I think a lot of people.

They don't want to talk to people. They don't want to schedule meetings. They want to, don't want to schedule a discovery session to even understand what it is a person wants or looking for. So that's key. And as I said before, when you're building confidence in your leadership, once you build relationships, it's going to happen naturally and organically.

And then from there, the next thing is, to continue to invest in yourself. Do your work. Yeah. Build your, uh, network, right? And more importantly, nurture that network, have a strong follow-up system and have a game plan, and have a game plan of what this looks like. Don't think it's going to happen overnight every day, doing something towards your business is enough, and also have a good system of, uh, your work.

Right? How you're scheduling your days? How much time are you putting into your personal? Into the follow-up and B, uh, innovation aspect and read it and, uh, research on it. So that's what I share, love it. As long as the old saying, it was not about the destination assembly, but it's about the journey, right?

So amazingly powerful, the experiences can be rewarding within themselves. So, which thing weighs into, uh, one of my final topics winning the, your conference. Right? Tell us about the conference, how frequent. And it Titan, which, which I know is in the tie-downs, what we just discussed. And it tells us about your conference.

Yeah. So the business of Wayne was launched in March of 2016. So in October of 2016, we hosted the very first business conference summit. And we, it was so amazing to witness how many people were writing. So we received the information on what it takes to grow a business, and then a year after year. So this year for 2022, we're going into the seventh annual business summit.

And that is a full-day event, which features industry experts, and speakers. We have exhibitors and partners that showcase their products and services. And more importantly, we bring attendees that are understanding. That they have to receive the work. They have to invest in themselves and they have to implement the strategies that they receive from different business owners and entrepreneurs.

The startup visit exists. Is it a little bit of flavor for everyone? It's a combination of all because I always say we have to continuously learn and even if can get that one thing from any event or any expert, that's enough. Sometimes we have to, uh, uh, uh, I would say listen to something a couple of times, three to five, even seven times before really sinks in and says, then we receive that aha moment.

Okay. So, sometimes you have to go back to basics, even when. Even when you're scaling, even expanding. When I say marketing, the average touch point is seven, seven. It's probably more now, right? Because of social media. And it's been a little bit distracting. So seven to 10 would probably be accurate.

Um, how else, how else besides the conference? So, um, do you do tell, tell us about your other endeavors? Absolutely. But as you know, COVID has shifted a little bit about shifted how we curated some of our events, uh, pivot from strictly offline to online. Sure. But we're, we're very mindful that it's important to build relationships offline.

That's key. So we go as to what's going on in the world. As much as it can happen into that whole nine connection is the best way to build a relationship with the business. So we program a lot of events, I would say quarterly, we host a much bigger event. So every month we host virtual events workshops and we featured speakers, but every quarter we have a much larger program.

So at the first quarter of the year, we host a, uh, kind of like, um, Self-care type of event where women come and understand what they need to do to set their intentions online within their intentions for the rest of the year. We just posted that last week. And the second quarter of the year is the much-anticipated wellness retreat, where we bring 30 women to Dominica before.

And we have some really powerful conversations, relationship-building sisterhood, and comradery, poolside, drinking, hand, whatever that looks like

the event of the year in the summer, we host a leadership event over Hyde C. So that's where we come together and celebrate our accomplishments. It's a great mid-year event where we can end. Strong. And then, of course, the October event, which is the summit, and that's a phenomenal way to enter the last quarter of the year and set your aunt's interest, Billy your head for the upcoming.

Love it love it. You know, I was on a webinar the other day and they said one of the 10 steps to build your business. Number one, I was hired as an illustrator and I'm going to hire a coach, right? So we're going to people find you, how can people contact you? Absolutely. So the website is this of we.com and all our social media handles Cora is-ness of wheat.com.

That's it. Thank you for your time today. I appreciate it. Thank you. They can reach me on my show. Thank you. That's helpful in the Lopez, everybody. Thank you so much. Thank you. Has a pandemic changed the way you prospect today? Do you struggle prospecting for new leads for your business? Do you have challenges and don't have a process when networking?

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That wraps up the episode with Paulina Lopez, CEO of Business of We, and also consulting and strategy. Hopefully, you picked up something as aspired or inspired entrepreneur. And if you're still struggling with the process, transform your business, visit www.borjaconsultinggroup.com. Dr. B, out.