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Aug. 24, 2021

S2-Episode 8 - How to ROAR and BE SEEN with Victoria Jenn Rodriguez

S2-Episode 8 - How to ROAR and BE SEEN with Victoria Jenn Rodriguez

In this episode of the Dr. B Show Podcast, Dr. B welcomes Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, corporate hustler turned serial entrepreneur and Founder of The Female Collaborative.

Diversity and inclusion are central topics that can make or break an organization. Victoria helps companies determine their own diversity issues and provide them strategies that have a good chance of impacting work culture and improving the bottom line.

Victoria's initiatives like The Women Who Roar Series on IGTV also speak to her advocacy of bringing women together and inspiring them to collaborate. Her goal is to empower women, build their confidence, limit impostor syndrome, and eliminate self-doubt.


03:55 Diversity and inclusion: A priority for companies to improve their work culture 

07:40 Change has to come from the enterprise level

10:30 Women Who Roar Series: Inspiring communities with successful women 

12:45 The Female Collaborative: Creating genuine connections for women in business

15:13 Victoria's advice to entrepreneurs 

17:47 Connect with Victoria and join her masterclass

19:58 Launching the Women Who Roar website


06:00 "I think (corporations) struggle with (diversity) because they don't really treat it as a must-have. They treat it as a nice to do. And for so many years it's been viewed as not a business imperative and something that they're doing for PR purposes."

08:01 "Let's test it out with a function, with a division. Let's get feedback. Let's get focus groups together so that when we roll out a program that's enterprise-wide, it actually has a true chance of having real impact."

13:17 "That is what originally inspired The Female Collaborative, it was because that are doing their thing, who have value and resources, and have the intent to collaborate with other women to make magic and create legacy together."

16:11 "That is what I would say to entrepreneurs is that the emotional rollercoaster you're always going to be on, the hustle never stops, and that it's okay and for some that is the journey that they experience."

17:34 "Entrepreneurship sounds very sexy and sounds very exotic for a lot of people, but it is the hardest work that you will ever have to do."

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