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Aug. 10, 2021

S2-Episode 7 - Gain Clarity, Get a Strategy, and Move Forward with Sandra Noemi Torres

S2-Episode 7 - Gain Clarity, Get a Strategy, and Move Forward with Sandra Noemi Torres

In this episode of the Dr. B Show Podcast, Dr. B welcomes Sandra Noemi Torres, Coach and Marketing Strategist with Plan Your Company and Founder of United Latinas, Inc. Sandra's organizations bring together Hispanic and Latino communities with the intention of empowering them.

Sandra believes that her communities are underserved and provides them the opportunities to learn business, finance, and networking skills. Aside from transforming the lives of the people around her, it is also Sandra's mission to educate communities on the values of community leadership and heritage.


03:34 Café Con Leadership as a platform to reach underserved Latino communities

06:20 Progress for a truly diverse society involves personal and societal advocacy

08:16 Plan Your Company: Using data and copy for lead generation 

15:46 Digital marketing and strong SEO create a solid foundation for startups 

17:28  Hispanic Business Leaders: A collaborative effort for business empowerment 

22:47 Expanding awareness beyond Hispanic Heritage Month 

24:33 Connect with Sandra


03:40 "My heart has always been to really bring the voices of Latino leadership to the underserved community."

05:12 "I just want to have these conversations and I wanted to have it where the conversations were about the issues that are going on now and the obstacles that people face and the cultural baggage."

07:49 "It's also up to you to make sure that you are voicing your opinion, make sure that you are advocating, self-advocating, and group advocating. So I think it's all around. We have to get everyone involved in that."

19:08 "I believe in teaching this idea that we shouldn't be working in our own silos. We should find organizations to collaborate with and partner with because we can make a bigger impact."

20:43 "I wanted to really showcase our power and not only that, we wanted to empower the Latinos that were there with business education tools, with networking tools. How do we engage others? How do we learn how we can work with the government?"

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