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Aug. 3, 2021

S2-Episode 6 - Learn How To Coupon & Save with Catherine Barreto

S2-Episode 6 - Learn How To Coupon & Save with Catherine Barreto

In this episode of the Dr. B Show Podcast, Dr. B welcomes Catherine Barreto, also known as the "Coupon Queen." There is a significant amount of money that can be saved by couponing. When every penny counts, shrewd use of coupons eases up the budget so that you can start your financial journey in saving and investment.

Catherine shares her story of success as a single mother putting her daughter through college. She used free sources online to learn about financial literacy and applied the biggest savings by using coupons. As an entrepreneur with Instagram as her platform, she reaches the Latina community and shares the benefits and how-tos of couponing.


03:33 Catherine as the "The Coupon Queen" and saving $200/month

06:09 Learn couponing with Catherine

08:51 Experience in sales translates to tenacity in business

12:33 The best couponing apps for you to check out  

15:51 Finance tips: A 529 Plan, mutual funds, and increase your credit score

19:56 Financial literacy provides a brighter future for the children

22:43 How to connect with Catherine


05:02 "If I was able to save $200 a month since back in 2008 and that enabled me to save and invest that money and provide a cash for my daughter's college education, I'm on to something."

06:44 "Literally, I'm taking you from not knowing anything about couponing all the way to the journey of being able to download apps, to go on to websites, to cut the coupons from the Sunday paper, whichever one you want."

13:50 "Literally, print it on your printer and start cutting up the coupons. Very simple. Just keep organized and just literally just start by doing your grocery list and say, I'm going to buy milk today. Let me see if there's any coupons on milk."

16:27 "This is what I would recommend you invest in. And he worked around my schedule. That's when you start building trust. If someone proves to you they're knowledgeable and trustworthy, you're going to continue on that journey."

21:46 "I'm able to survive anything in life, whether it's my entrepreneurial role, if I want to go back to corporate America, whatever it is, we're able to survive and do it exceptionally well."

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