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July 27, 2021

S2-Episode 5 - Connecting The Future Workforce With Successful Partnerships with Jaime Pardo

S2-Episode 5 - Connecting The Future Workforce With Successful Partnerships with Jaime Pardo

In this episode of the Dr. B Show Podcast, Dr. B welcomes Jaime Pardo, Manager of Workforce and Career Placement at Bergen Community College. The key asset for employees and employers is their network. Networking is the bridge that connects your talents to the places that value them the most.

Jaime also shares that the pandemic has taught employers the value of transparent communication to ensure that goals are met and teams are working. Also, Jaime explains that there is tremendous value in internships and apprenticeships to ensure good hires and develop employees with specialized skill sets.


03:52 The state of the workforce in business and healthcare

06:54 Networking, resumes, and referrals adapt you to remote work

11:56 Building an online presence or brand to showcase your talent

16:20 Software is available to help you create your personal online brand

19:07 Employers are adapting communication to reach goals

21:45 Internships and apprenticeships are valuable to both job seekers and companies

27:15 How to connect with Jaime


06:38 "I feel the workforce is adapting to the use of modern technologies, but also to supply the demand of modern and present-day globalization."

07:11 "My best advice are three words: network, network, and more network. You want to use your time to make your connections and new connections via LinkedIn or through referrals."

13:09 "Why is branding important as an employee or employer? In my definition, it's because it really defines your talent actions. In other words, what you do and, of course, the talents around it."

20:36 "One thing that it taught employers about what's currently happening is the access. Having access to have better communication to really connect with your team virtually, but also having that balance."

23:37 "That intern, because you gave them a chance, that intern will now gain solid experience in that particular field. So I always say that balance is a good balance because not only is the business winning, but the intern as well."

You can learn more about Jaime Pardo at the links below.

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