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June 29, 2021

S2-Episode 1 - I Say No More with Maria Trusa

S2-Episode 1 - I Say No More with Maria Trusa

Welcome to the Season 2 of the Dr. B Show Podcast. Joining Dr. B in this episode is Maria Trusa. Let’s hear from Maria as she retells her story with us in her long successful career in the healthcare industry. More importantly, she delves into her book called I Say No More: Raise Your Voice and Rewrite Your Life.

Maria Trusa is the CEO of Forme Medical Center and Urgent Care. She Oversees strategic direction and all operations of the organization restructuring the company and building a strong foundation to support current business and prepare for future growth—optimized financing strategies, regulatory compliance, and operations excellence.

Maria is a breakthrough financial performer with an impressive track record of streamlining operations and creating efficient systems while seamlessly directing multiple business units. She is well respected for driving millions in profits with ethics and integrity. Relentless bottom-line driver with a career history of exceeding ambitious financial goals that support aggressive growth. Extensive successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Proficient in managing a diverse range of departments, professionals, and programs through a complete understanding of the healthcare arena and integrated networks.

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You can also get a copy of Maria Trusa’s book called I Say No More: Raise Your Voice and Rewrite Your Life at Amazon.

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